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Stefan & Katherine #TVD 5x09


Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev EW Interview - Comic Con 2014

Hi! Just wanna know why you ship Klayley over Haylijah? Cause it's sort of like Delena over Stelena?

I think Klayley is more like Stelena personally.

GG - soundtrack was the only good thing left. And Chair got pretty awesome songs - let's admit. I would love Wicked Game - James Vincent McMorrow for SE for example :d

I was soooo jealous of all the songs chair got. They got “Too late”, “In Safe Hands”, “I’m in here” and “Make Believe” like F F S. Dair had only 2 good songs, “New York City” and “Don’t Wait”. But I usually think Stelena get way better songs than Delena.

They wasted most epic score for Delena (M83 - Outro) - I will never forgive. Just like fucking Haylijah got M83- Too Late. Like WTF?! M83 should be for SE.

I feel like Suck and Blah on Gossip Girl tainted any M83 song for me already.


dop·pel·gäng·er ˈdäpəlˌgaNGər


an apparition or double of a living person.

One of these days, if I have the energy for it, I’m going to write a meta titled “The Problem with Elena Gilbert”, detailing how she is essentially the most important character on the show.When the writing on the show takes a nose dive, her characterization tends to suffer the most. And how its not a coincidence at all that this essentially begun after Katherine was killed? Without the threat and projection of Katherine, Elena was clumsy and floundered in her priorities because Katherine is not there to provide the foil to Elena’s heroine. But another problem is that Elena is not being written for Elena anymore. She’s being written to service Damon and Delena therefore her intelligence and her masterful manipulation and social skills are taking a beating because she’s being written to service a character who is terrible at all of the above.